Our Values

Our Values

We admit, personal safety is a big multidimensional, global issue. Our driving force, our passion, and our excitement is to use technology to empower people to feel safer in their communities. And we are going to stop at nothing to make that happen.

Culture is everything



We are a mission-driven company, and we must be guided in the process that long term impact and values trump short term gains. Our bottom line is to drive change that makes a positive difference in society. Our meaning, our existence, and our lofty goals remain rooted in creating the most value and impact possible. We chose to solve problems that matter.

Bias Towards Action

We live by the GYSHIDO movement (Get Your Shit Done). We iterate to success. (Hats Daniel Epstein + Pascal Finette).

Always Be in Beta

The best innovation and learning comes when you approach problems with a beginner mindset and are hungry to learn more. We have been told that Google considers themselves in Beta because they still have not perfected the search algorithm. If that is the case, we can always be continually improving and learning and must remain ‘in beta’.

Be Bold, Be Humble

We push ourselves in big ideas, strategies, and causes and shoot for the impossible, yet we are guided by integrity and an understanding that we must always appreciate and take responsibility for our roots.